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Conservatory Roof Access Platform

Conservatory roofs are generally fragile, and carrying out maintenance and cleaning work on them can be risky. Make this work easy, quick and safe by using the Conservatory Roof Access System. 
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Access Conservatory Roofs Safely

The Conservatory Roof Access System is designed specifically for use on conservatory roofs, negating the risks associated with using standard equipment such as ladders. The unique, two-piece design is ideal for safe working on conservatories as well as any glazed roof.

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The weight of the platform and user is spread across two glazing bars to prevent damage to the roof panels. The system also includes a kneeler with tool tray and bucket recess, allowing hands-free work, and securing tools, preventing injury to those below.

The vertical ladder section of the system is attached via a suction cup to a suitable glazed window to prevent slippage. The Conservatory Access System is far safer than standard ladders and allows work to be carried out in compliance with Health and Safety regulations.

The access section of the platform is suitable for eaves height from 2.4m-2.6m in height. The roof access section features a height allowance of 1.6m and can be used on pitches from 2.5 degrees to 35 degrees, allowing use on the large majority of standard conservatory roofs.

Conservatory Access Ladder in use
Conservatory Access System in use


The Conservatory Roof Access System is designed with portability in mind. The high-grade aluminium construction offers not just long-term durability, but an unparalleled lightness. At just 25kg, the system can be easily transported between sites in a Transit van, or car roof rack, and safely lifted into place.

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Conservatory Roof Access System

Key Features

Quality Solutions

Safest access system for conservatory roofs


Preferable to and safer than standard ladders


Load spread across conservatory to prevent damage to panels


Makes conservatory cleaning and maintenance work simple and safe

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Conservatory Roof Access System

Technical Information

Access Section

2.4 m – 2.6 m (height)

Width (Access)

500 mm

Roof Access Section

1.6 m (height)

Width (Roof Access)

420 mm

Suitable for Pitches

2.5° - 35°


25 kg



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