Eaves to Ridge Fragile Roof Access System

The Roof Walk temporary walkway system offers a safe roof working position from eaves to ridge, making roof work such as skin maintenance, resealing, inspection and cleaning simple and safe.

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Temporary Roof Walkway Solution

The lightweight aluminium Roof Walk roof walkway system spreads the load of the worker on support battens, making it suitable even for fragile roofs. The open mesh walkway design allows for a wide range of visibility and access to the roof for work.

Roof Walk can be used both horizontally and vertically (up and down) across your roof, up to pitches of 30 degrees, allowing for full flexibility in how you work.


The Roof Walk provides a 2m-4m long walkway and platform for various kinds of work. Like all Easi-Dec products, it is designed to be configurable to perfectly suit your specific requirements.  Need a longer walkway? Simply connect the modular section to another Roof Walk system and extend as far as you need.

The system also comes with optional handrail and an integrated, full-length work positioning line along the full length of the walkway.

For work directly beneath the walkway, such as fragile valley gutter work, the Roof Walk is also available with an integrated hatch. The hatch is simply lifted to provide access to the area beneath whilst bridging the gap, then lowered, creating a safe working platform once more.


The lightweight, durable aluminium design of the Roof Walk means lifting the system onto the roof could not be easier. Once the work is complete, it can be taken down from the roof and transported in either a Transit van or on a roof rack.

Roof Walk Key Features

Temporary walkway for even fragile roofs
Pitch adjustable up to 30 degrees
Simple to use without sacrificing safety
Easy to transport

Roof Walk Temporary Walkway System

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