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Easi-Dec for the Fascia, Soffit and Guttering Industry

Easi-Dec products are ideal for safely carrying out fascia, soffit, and guttering work. Like all work at height, this type of exterior maintenance and cleaning comes with a host of inherent risks. Proper planning and using the correct solution are vital for keeping workers safe and work on track.
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A Safer Alternative to Scaffolding

Investing in an Easi-Dec system means no more expensive scaffolding assembly for short-term, regular tasks, maximising both efficiency and safety

The Easi-Dec Solution

For safe, rapid access right up to the roofline, there is no better solution than the Easi-Dec Rapid Access Platform. The Easi-Dec makes it possible to carry out a range of tasks on the exterior of buildings, including fascia, soffit and gutter work, safely and quickly.

The Easi-Dec can be quickly assembled in minutes by a trained team, and raised up to the roof level to provide a fully-guarded working area. We offer a range of configurations to tackle all types of obstacles, including conservatories and porches, dormer roofs, and uneven ground.

When the task is done, simply disassemble the platform, and drive it to your next job in a Transit van, or an estate car roof rack. The Easi-Dec could save you thousands in scaffold hire costs if you carry out regular, short-duration work.

For larger jobs which require full coverage of the building exterior, the modular Easi-Dec can be combined with more Easi-Dec systems using a catwalk, offering a limitless safe working platform. Alternatively, for lone workers, we offer the smaller, single-user Mono-Dec system.

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Platform Ladder

If you don’t require a full-size Easi-Dec system, but still want the protection and efficiency of an Easi-Dec product, the Platform Ladder could be the perfect solution for you.

A safer alternative to standard ladders, the Easi-Dec Platform Ladder is ideal for short-duration tasks. Maintain and clean gutters and fascias via the ladder’s fully-guarded, compliant working platform, safe in the knowledge that the wider ladder base is protecting you from slips and falls.

Fascia, soffit, and gutter work can be risky, but we aim to minimise that risk and maximise safety for workers, in a way that saves money and time. To learn more or discuss your requirements, call our experts on 01767 691812, or use our online contact form.

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