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Minimise risk of ladder work and maximise efficiency with the Easi-Dec Hands Free Ladder.

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A Safer Alternative to Ladder Work

Working from ladders is inherently risky. Health and Safety Regulations state work should only be carried out from a ladder when a risk assessment has shown it is the most reasonably practicable solution. There are various ladder accessories which can make this work safer, and the Easi-Dec Hands Free Ladder combines these features into one, lightweight, highly efficient ladder solution.

The Hands Free Ladder provides simple and safe solo working with a permanently fixed harness attachment and wall tie in, as well as numerous other safety features. This maximises protection whilst allowing the user to carry out dual-handed tasks with ease. The ladder is ideal for short duration maintenance tasks on building exteriors, including cavity wall insulation, wall-tie replacement, cleaning, decorating, factory maintenance and more.

Combined Safety Solution

The Hands Free Ladder allows hands-free work up to 4m with a host of combined safety features, including:

  • Harness attachment point for safe positioning
  • High-grip rubber, rear-stabilising preventing outward slip
  • Twin rubber wheels for high-level lateral grip
  • Tool tray to keep hands free
  • Levelling facility for sloping ground
  • Stand-Off to provide correct body positioning
  • Ladder-tie for securing to the wall
  • Wide base for lateral stability and rollover resistance
  • Rung-lock to fix the ladder at desired height

These combined safety features mean ladder work can be carried out in a fully protected and efficient way.


The Hands Free Ladder system allows you to tackle buildings of numerous heights with adjustable ladder lengths. Available with 3m, 3.5m, and 4m ladder extensions, you can carry out the majority of tasks which usually require a ladder safely and quickly.


Despite the range of safety features the Hands Free Ladder has to offer, it remains highly portable, allowing you to move between sites as you would with a standard ladder. The high-grade aluminium construction means the ladder weighs just 38kg (42kg for 3.5m extension, 45kg for 4m.)

Hands Free Ladder Key Features

Combined safety features maximise protection
Design allows for safe hands-free work
Negates slip and roll risk with wide base
Compliant with Health and Safety guidelines for short-duration work

Technical Information


3 m, 3.5 m or 4 m double extension

Base Width

870 mm

Tool Tray Size

270 mm x 230 mm x 60 mm

Weight - 3m


Weight - 3.5m


Weight - 4m


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