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CoverSafe Spark Loft Crawl Board

The CoverSafe Spark mats spread operatives weight across loft joists and makes loft and attic work safe.
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Safe Loft Working

The CoverSafe Spark loft crawl board provides a safe, simple, and strong work platform for interior loft work. Ideal for a range of tasks, the system spreads the weight of the worker across the loft joists via strong GRP slats to prevent falls through the roof.

This insulated loft mat is perfect for multiple types of loft work including:

  • Electrical work
  • Plumbing
  • Satellite installation
  • Solar battery installation

The mats also provide an ideal working solution for laying loft insulation between joists, without having to put your weight on the roof itself. The system can span across a joist gap of up to 600mm making it suitable for use on most standard domestic loft joists.


Weighing just 10kg the CoverSafe Spark loft crawl board is light and portable. The mat closes down to just 1150 x 480mm and fits into a carry case, making it easy to be transported to site in a van or in the boot of most carts, through doorways, up stairways and through small attic hatches. When opened, the mat covers an area of up to 2m x 0.8m (1.6m²), spreading the weight of the operator over the joists. Providing a safe working platform for inspections; plumbing, TV aerial, solar inverter, electrical, and maintenance work in roof spaces.

Loft Crawl Board - Portable
Strong Crawl Boards


The CoverSafe Spark loft crawl board is made of a composite GRP material that enables the mats to be extremely durable, strong and lightweight.

The strength of the trellis prevents falls through ceilings and the resulting collateral damage; the insulation of the trellis material prevents electrical shock from faulty or broken electrical fittings or old wiring, possible hidden in thermal insulation.

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Joist Matting - Insulated Loft Crawl Boards

Key Features

Quality Solutions

Safe alternative to loft boards


Super-lightweight and portable


Strong GRP design for safe working platform

Fragile Roof

Avoid putting weight on potentially fragile loft roofs

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