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Easi-Dec Ladder Accessories

A range of ladder accessories to make short duration ladder work safe and HSE compliant.
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Efficient, Compliant Ladder Work

Ladder work is inherently dangerous. Where possible, more specialised solutions such as rapid access platforms should be used. Health and Safety Regulations state work should only be carried out from a ladder when a risk assessment has shown it is the most reasonably practicable solution

If a ladder is your only option, you should make all efforts to maximise your safety by utilising ladder accessories. At Easi-Dec, we offer a range of ladder accessories which make work as safe as possible.

Ladder Spurs

Our steel ladder spurs increase the base width of your ladder and minimise the chance of the ladder slipping sideways. Spurs can be quickly and easily fitted to the base of the ladder to increase width by 750mm. What’s more, the spurs can be independently fitted at any height to accommodate uneven ground, and eliminate the need for another worker to foot the ladder.

At just 5kg, the Ladder Spurs are incredibly lightweight and can be easily transported from site to site.

Ladder Spurs
Ladder Stand Off


The V-shaped Ladder Stand-Off allows standard ladders to span pipes and corners on buildings, maximising efficiency whilst keeping the user safe. Manufactured entirely of aluminium, the Stand-Off is ideal for working under eaves, and up onto roof edges.

Sign and Panel Lifter

The Sign and Panel Lifter is an ideal solution for lifting lightweight objects to ladder level. Consisting of a two or three section aluminium extension ladder, with a permanently fitted Rope and Pulley Hoist, the system allows you to safely lift and position items up to 50kg.

Ideal for lifting screens when securing vacant properties, the Sign and Panel Lifter can also be used to lift and position:

  • Signs 
  • Air conditioning units 
  • Aerials 
  • Satellite dishes
Panel Lifter
Anchor Fix

Anchor Fix

The Anchor Fix is a simple, effective way to widen the base of your ladder and minimise the risk of slippage and falls. This aluminium and steel stabilisation device enables you to use your ladder on a slope of up to 15 degrees, keeping it in the optimal position. Suitable for use on ladders up to 450mm and stiles up to 70mm, the Anchor Fix offers a base width of 900mm and 90mm of clearance.

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Easi-Dec Ladder Accessories

Key Features


Range of accessories to maximise safety on ladders

Quality Solutions

Allows you to meet Health and Safety standards


Stabilises ladders and increases work speed


Aluminium and steel construction for lightness and durability

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