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A Safe, Cost-Effective Alternative to Tube and Clip Scaffold

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Housing Maintenance Solutions (HMS) purchased 6 Roofline Systems and used them during a Fascia, Soffit and Gutter replacement programme on 750 homes. Easi-Dec systems were used all day every day by their teams.

Roofline Systems were used on virtually every property as the means of safe access. Traditional scaffold was only used when the surveyor came across a difficult access area around the house footprint.

Ronnie Stowers – Project Manager at HMS said “The product is well named as the system is genuinely easy to use. We have had no issues what so ever and would gladly recommend Easi-Dec as a safe cost effective option to tube and clip scaffold”. HMS says that the total cost saving was significant and Easi-Dec has paid for itself many times over!

HMS was established in July 2011 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Liverpool Mutual Homes (LMH). Its purpose is to directly undertake operational activity such as LMH’s Responsive Repair and Maintenance requirements.

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