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Alternatives to an Extension Ladder on a Sloped Roof

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If you are thinking of using an extension ladder to climb up a sloped roof, then it is important to consider the potential alternatives. This might sound like an unnecessary process to go through, but it is critical to ensure you have the right tool for the job.

Climbing up onto a sloped roof with an extension ladder can potentially be dangerous, especially if you only have limited experience with traversing heights. You can quickly find yourself in a precarious situation that you could have avoided if you had chosen a different method of climbing up.

For example, you might find that a roof access system is a safer and more stable option, depending on your budget and the type of project you are embarking on.

This is what you need to know about the alternatives to an extension ladder on a sloped roof.

Use a Roof Access System

The roof access platform is a compelling alternative to an extension ladder because it is specifically designed for use on sloping or fragile roofs. Its two-piece design means that you can erect it in minutes, providing a stable platform to work on.

This last point is important to note because if you are thinking of starting a substantial project on a sloping roof, then having a sturdy, safe and stable access system means you can work far more efficiently.

The problem with conventional ladders is that they are not designed specifically for the job at hand. This makes ladder stability dubious, especially when placed against a pitch roof or on uneven ground.

While with the roof access platform, you have a purpose-built device that will eradicate the risk of a ladder slipping.

Determine What You Need the Ladder For

Of course, your choice will depend entirely on why you need the ladder in the first place. If you are only quickly reaching up onto the roof, then using a conventional ladder might work.

However, if the job is more labour intensive then you might want to consider another type of ladder. This might include a roof ladder or a roof access platform.

How to Position the Ladder Safely

Regardless of the type of ladder you use, it is crucial that you position it safely. Working on a roof can be incredibly dangerous if the ladder is not secure, so avoid skipping these ladder safety tips.

Put the ladder and lean it against the wall you wish to climb. You will need to position the ladder on level ground, because if you have the ladder on a slope, then you will run the risk of the ladder slipping. You should use a ladder leveller to ascertain whether the ground is level enough or not.

Secure the ladder feet to ensure they don’t slip, then you are ready to climb.

When ascending the ladder, make sure you have a stable footing, taking it slow and steady as you climb up onto the roofing material. Remember to check if this material can take your weight before stepping up onto it.

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