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Are Your Easi-Dec Platforms Safe?

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As with any type of equipment, regular maintenance and inspections of our Easi-Dec access plaforms is essential in order to ensure they remain safe and fit for use.  Before you use your platform again, are you really confident your system is still in a safe working order?

  • •  Are your Gates and Legs in good order?
  • •  Have some of the parts gone missing?
  • •  When was the last time your system was inspected for damage? 


Look after your Platform and it will look after you

At Easi-Dec we take safety very seriously, so to help you maintain your platform and to continue working at height safely, we are offering you an annual inspection (audit) of any equipment you purchase directly from us.

From just £195+VAT one of our trained specialists will come to your site and inspect your Easi-Dec equipment to ensure it is still in a safe working order.

Like an MOT on your vehicle, we will inspect the equipment to ensure the safety of the user and the public alike, leaving you with the peace of mind that you are working off a safe platform.

So if you’d like to book an inspection, please contact our Sales Office on 01767 691812 or Email us at [email protected]

Please Note

  • • Inspection/Audit costs do not include for any repairs or replacement parts.
  • • All items must be in a clear and easily accessible area on ground level.
  • • Client representative must be on site to witness the inspection.
  • • Aborted visits not of our making will be charged at the full rate.
  • • Cancellation within 24hrs of the agreed time may be charged at the full
  •   rate.

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