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Easi Step-Over Platforms Video

Our range of Easi Step-Over platforms are ideal for providing safe access over obstacles or between different levels on the ground or on roofs. Constructed from tube and fittings, our Step-Overs are ideal for providing safe, rapid access, especially when plant and equipment has been installed on a roof causing and obstruction. Watch our short

Safe spring roof maintenance with Easi-Dec

Spring is the perfect time to carry out roof maintenance and ensure everything is in working order on the roof of your building. Carrying out roof maintenance between March and June means you avoid both the wet and windy winter months, which can make roof work even more dangerous than usual, and the hotter summer

The dangers of industrial roofs and how to avoid them

Industrial roofs, such as those found on warehouses, logistics centres or factories, are rife with all manner of dangers to life and limb. From changes in level and trip hazards to fragile skylights, risks posed to those accessing the roof for maintenance or repair range  all the way from minor to fatal. However, Easi-Dec offers

Fatal scaffolder fall highlights fragile roof risk

The case of a fatal fall through a fragile industrial roof has highlighted the risks posed by these hidden dangers across Britain’s roofs. In September 2015, a scaffolder was fitting a temporary guardrail system as part of a larger refurbishment project at a foundry in Staffordshire, when he fell 11.5 metres through the corrugated asbestos

Is a scaffold tower really your best option?

Scaffolding is a common sight on buildings across the UK, and often the go-to choice when ladders or work platforms are unsuitable. However, in some situations, a full scaffolding solution may not be cost or time effective, which is where scaffold towers come in. Scaffolding towers allow more than one person to carry out work

Making roof dangers clear as day

Falls from height through fragile roofs are one of the main causes of workplace fatal and major injuries. According to the HSE, nine people a year fall to their deaths through fragile roofs, so it’s clear to see that these pose a serious risk particularly in manufacturing and industrial premises, including glazing and fabrication, where

Safety in the replacement window industry

When installing or replacing windows, work at height can rarely be avoided, but following some very simple principles of how to work safely can reduce the likelihood of accidents, which in turn reduces the potential for serious injury or even death. As with any work, tasks involving work at height must be risk assessed so

Where to use rooftop step-over platforms

We recently wrote about the benefits of Step-Over Access Platforms and how they provide an ideal solution when navigating around a premise such as in plant rooms and warehouses, however, we’re noticing an increase in cases where Step-Over Access Platforms are required to solve problems on rooftops as well. No matter how much careful planning

Prison sentence for unsafe roofwork

A roofing contractor has been sentenced to 12 months imprisonment, suspended for 12 months and 200 hours unpaid work for allowing unsafe roofwork to continue despite being issued with a prohibition notice. Workers were seen working on the roof of a domestic two storey house without any form of protection including edge protection.  A prohibition