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Avoid roof obstacles with Easi-Dec

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Modern roofs are littered with obstacles which can make working safely and efficiently a difficult task.

These obstacles can range from frustrating to downright dangerous, with everything from plant and machinery to skylights posing a serious risk.

Employees have the right to work safely and without the risk of injury or worse, which is why Easi-Dec offers several solutions to avoid these obstacles and carry out work at height in a safer manner.

Plant and Machinery

Roofs can often feature many trip hazards and changes in roof level, which can make safe access for work difficult, if not impossible, and seriously increase risks when working at height.

Easi-Dec can design, supply and install Bespoke Access Platforms and Step-Overs to accommodate specific site requirements and roof configurations, or provide a standard off the shelf Step-Over platform to provide safe access to areas where normal access can be obstructed.

Our Step-Overs and platforms are suitable for a range of roof types, from concrete and membrane to metallic and composite, and are built from Kee Klamp® tubular fittings, which means they are strong and stable whilst eliminating the need for welding or specialist tools, saving time and money.


The HSE says that falls through fragile rooflights and skylights make up a fifth of all fatal work at height accidents, and those working in construction and building maintenance sectors are most at risk.
The Easi-Cover has been designed with the intention of protecting people working on metal profile roofs with fragile rooflights and skylights. The Easi-Cover is modular, comprising a strong mesh panel which sits on a metal frame, providing a robust and effective solution for protecting unprotected rooflights.
The Easi-Cover comes in two versions: a Standard Model, which fixes virtually flat to the roof surface, and a Raised Model, which can be mounted above the rooflight to give a greater distance between the mesh panel and the rooflight, protecting it from damage in the event of a fall.

Fragile Roofs

According to the HSE, more injuries occur due to workers falling through roofs than over the edge. Fragile roof panels can look entirely safe from a distance and even blend in with the rest of the roof, meaning you don’t see them until it is too late.

To ensure safe working around fragile roofs, we supply the Roof Walk system, a lightweight aluminium walkway allowing access from eaves to ridge whilst spreading the load on support battens, providing a safer working position.

Each system is designed to fit individual roof sizes and configurations and can be installed to run vertically up, or down, or horizontally across the roof.
The 4m or 2m lengths can be easily linked, with optional accessories including single or double sided handrail, a Ridge Hook and a Valley Stop End.

For more information about any of the above products, call our product experts on 01767 691812 or use our online contact form.

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