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The benefits of mobile work access platforms over scaffolding?

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Are you looking for a better scaffolding system for your workplace?

If yes, then a mobile access platform or mobile elevating work platform is exactly what you need.

Becoming increasingly popular across multiple industries, not just construction, mobile platforms offer many advantages over other types of scaffolding.  

The benefits of mobile work acces platforms over scaffolding?

What are mobile work access platforms?

Mobile Work Access Platforms are portable and adaptable machines that are used for working at heights. Also known as mobile elevating work platforms, MEWPs come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and can be used both internally and externally.

Marketed as a cost-effective and more efficient alternative to traditional scaffolding, mobile work access platforms are lightweight, require no tools, and can be easily transported from one site to the next.

What are the benefits of mobile work access platforms?

1.    Improved safety

Working at a height is one of the many causes of accidents and fatalities on construction sites, and these are typically caused by either using the wrong equipment or using sub-standard equipment.

Mobile access platforms are specifically designed with safety in mind and actively help prevent falls when using a fall arrest. This not only keeps your employees safe but it also reduces your risk of someone filing a personal injury claim. Fall protection is essential when working at height.

Plus, you are guaranteed that each mobile work access platform meets HSE standards if it comes with registered trademarks.

2.    Increased productivity

As mobile work access platforms are a type of portable scaffolding, you can complete projects much faster, and this can allow you to take on more jobs and potentially expand your business.

Depending on the specific job, traditional scaffolding planks can take hours, even days, to build and takedown. However, MEWPs deliver almost instant access to all working areas.

3.    More cost-effective

If you are worried about the initial cost of mobile work access platforms, you will be pleased to hear that these can save you significant amounts of money, both in the short and long term.

They require fewer members of staff to operate them. They also can improve the speed and efficiency of each job which will save you hours and increase your profits.

4.    Training available

If you have not used mobile work access platforms on-site before, you may be concerned about keeping your work environment and your employees safe. It is important that employees are aware of risks and how to use the machinery when working across various terrain, including on a fragile surface.

Fortunately, most mobile work access platform providers will offer you full training on the use of MEWPs, including how to use them and what personal protective equipment is needed.

5.    Enhanced flexibility

Traditional scaffold construction equipment can be bulky, cumbersome, and limit productivity with its many parts, which include ladder jacks. However, mobile-powered access platforms provide a flexible way to reach jobs at heights. As they are fully mobile and feature adjustable height, they can easily access areas with restricted space.

You can also find mobile work access platforms to support a wide range of industries, including window cleaning, construction, and even rescue services.

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