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Britain’s Solar Power Will Be Cheaper Than Gas by 2018

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According to the latest analysis from the Solar Trade Association, generating electricity from UK solar farms will be cheaper than natural gas in 4 years' time.  This is a positive report for the industry but the growth is of course dependent upon the Government providing stable policy support.

The report is a result of a survey carried out by The Solar Trade Association of member companies and their forecasts between now and 2030 which indicates that it will be cheaper to generate electricity from solar than from burning gas by 2018 and that solar will be cheaper than the wholesale price of electricity by between 2025 and 2028.

According to Peter Barwell, CEO of the Solar Trade Association:

"A lot of people still don't realise just how close solar is to being competitive with gas-fired power generation.  UK solar is on its way to becoming subsidy-free, but it is critical we maintain stable Government policy that supports grid connected utility-scale solar as opposed to fossil fuel power stations."

Click here for further information on the Solar Trade Association's report - Cost reduction potential of large-scale solar PV.

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