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Make ladder training a priority to avoid disaster

The Ladder Association has warned companies to put ladder training to the top of their height safety agenda after a fall led to a worker sustaining serious injuries. Civil engineering company Lanes Group plc was found to have failed in its health and safety responsibilities and fined £500,000 with £9,896.19 in court costs, after a

Is a scaffold tower really your best option?

Scaffolding is a common sight on buildings across the UK, and often the go-to choice when ladders or work platforms are unsuitable. However, in some situations, a full scaffolding solution may not be cost or time effective, which is where scaffold towers come in. Scaffolding towers allow more than one person to carry out work

Solar company fined for fragile skylight fall

A solar panel company has been fined £40,000 with costs of £2,000 after a worker fell through a skylight during the installation of solar panels on a farm workshop. The Magistrates Court heard how the employee was carrying out installation work on the fragile roof when he stood onto unprotected skylight and fell about 4m

Working safely at height in the water industry

When you think of working at height, the water industry is probably one of the last sectors where you think this will be an issue, think again! Work at height is any place where a person could fall a distance liable to cause personal injury .  This doesn’t necessarily mean from a ladder or a

The problem with scaffolding in bad weather

With summer ending and the autumn weather already rearing its ugly head, contractors and tradesmen who work at height are once again facing the unpleasant reality of British weather. When working at height, wind and bad weather can be a serious hazard.and cost lives if work is carried out in improper conditions. Risk assessments should

Cost efficient scaffolding alternative

Our Easi-Dec 8m Roofline System has provided JAL Building Contractors Ltd with a safe and secure system to access multiple rooftops when working on a housing development project in Manchester. JAL Building Contractors Ltd is a privately owned multi-faceted construction company based in Manchester. The company provides all aspects of new build and refurbishment works

Easi Step-Over Platforms Video

Our range of Easi Step-Over platforms are ideal for providing safe access over obstacles or between different levels on the ground or on roofs. Constructed from tube and fittings, our Step-Overs are ideal for providing safe, rapid access, especially when plant and equipment has been installed on a roof causing and obstruction. Watch our short

The dangers of industrial roofs and how to avoid them

Industrial roofs, such as those found on warehouses, logistics centres or factories, are rife with all manner of dangers to life and limb. From changes in level and trip hazards to fragile skylights, risks posed to those accessing the roof for maintenance or repair range  all the way from minor to fatal. However, Easi-Dec offers

Where to use rooftop step-over platforms

We recently wrote about the benefits of Step-Over Access Platforms and how they provide an ideal solution when navigating around a premise such as in plant rooms and warehouses, however, we’re noticing an increase in cases where Step-Over Access Platforms are required to solve problems on rooftops as well. No matter how much careful planning