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Christmas decorating with Easi-Dec

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For everyday folk, Christmas may still seem like a very long way away.

However, for those in charge of bringing joy to the masses with the many fantastic decorative and light displays which spring up across the country each year, planning is already in full swing.

Despite what some might think, these colourful and whimsical exhibits don’t just appear overnight, but are the result of meticulous planning and hard work, and here at Easi-Dec we think we might have the perfect solution to make that hard work a little bit easier.

Our innovative access platform systems make it easy to reach the roofline level, up to 5.5m, and carry out work such as installing Christmas decorations on the front of your building.

The original Easi-Dec platform provides simple, safe rapid access up to roof line level, whilst spanning building obstructions and handily tackling uneven ground.

Ivor, who works for Christmas decorating franchise The Christmas Decorators, purchased a 2m Easi-Dec platform to make his work safer.

He said: "I was looking for a solution which would speed up my installation time and reduce my scaffold and tower hire costs, and the Easi-Dec Platform has done exactly that.

"The assembly and ability to move it around the property means I can complete the whole installation much faster than I've been able to in the past."

Ivor was able to fit a 3m long strip of lighting in one go straight from the 2m Easi-Dec Platform, which he said he was unable to do when working from ladders.

The Easi-Dec is built on the ground and then quickly raised to the required working height, giving the user a fully certified and safe platform to work from. Assembly and disassembly takes around 10 minutes and the platform can be transported in a transit van or on a typical estate car.

Though the platform can be lifted and moved once erected, you can make work even faster and more efficient using our Roofline system. Two or more of our Easi-Decs can be chained together using simple catwalk sections, reaching up to 10m in length.

For more information about Easi-Dec can help you make your building sparkle this Christmas, give us a call on 01767 691812 or use our online contact form.

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