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Easi-Dec Access Platforms - For Safe Working at Height

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For over 27 years, developing products for safe working at height has been the ethos of Easi-Dec Access Systems Ltd. Whether for roof line or lower level access, Easi-Dec has produced a range of products which comply with current regulations to deliver safe rapid access solutions for on-site working.

As a major provider of access systems to social housing maintenance companies, the products available from Easi-Dec allow working at height to be safely carried out. Whether this is the installation of replacement windows, or fascias, soffits or guttering, perhaps solar panels or even chimney repairs, there is a solution available. Easi-Dec has developed a series of access platforms to suit the particular task in hand but they all rely on the same fundamental design. An Easi-Dec 2m platform is a fully guarded work station providing access to roofs and facades which can be assembled and raised in 5 minutes and adjusted to suit the required height. A platform has only eight basic components which are locked together by captive pins and so can easily be moved by two people. Additionally, a 2m platform can be linked to a second platform by means of a cat-walk to give up to 10 metres safe working area and can be adjusted to cope with uneven ground.

Our Platform Range

Window Dec is a 2.5 metre wide purpose designed platform which incorporates a lifting mechanism for raising window panels up to the required height. The platform has a hinged opening which the panel is lifted through, so no unsafe leaning or stretching is required by the installers. The hinged opening is closed once the window is lifted onto the platform to maintain the platforms integrity.

Similarly, the Solar Dec, which is 2 metres wide and the Solar Dec System have a lifting mechanism in place and a hinged opening designed to accommodate solar panels.

There is also a range of versatile accessories designed to accommodate some more problematic installations, such as an End Support Frame for use where restricted access precludes the use of a standard 2 metre platform. Dormer and Double Dormer kits allow a standard platform to sit on a sloping roof.

Easi-Dec’s range of platforms has consistently proved to be a cost effective alternative to conventional scaffolding. Easi-Dec’s standard platform can be quickly erected by two people and can be ready for use in 5 minutes which gives it a huge flexibility advantage over scaffolding. Cost wise, an Easi-Dec platform will pay for itself in less than 20 installs when compared to the cost of hiring scaffolding and yet will last for years. Made of rigid aluminium construction it can easily be transported from job to job on the roof of a small van or estate car thus giving installers who use the system great practical advantages over their competitors. However most importantly, an Easi-Dec platform provides a safe, compliant working environment for anyone required to work at height.

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