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Easi-Dec Can Help You to Reduce Your Scaffolding Costs

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We regularly talk about how our Easi-Dec Access Platforms can help you to save on your scaffolding costs which has the further benefit of making you more competitive when it comes to quoting for work.

But don't just take our word for it, you can check for yourself what savings you could potentially make over time by purchasing one of our platforms.

Easi-Dec provides an effective way of working out the financial benefits of using our access platform systems as an alternative to scaffolding.

The simple tool compares project cost, retained profit and installation time amongst other factors, to calculate the savings achieved using an Easi-Dec System over standard scaffolding. The only information required is the hire price of the scaffolding, the number of projects per year and the price of the Easi-Dec System chosen and the calculator does the rest.

“We pride ourselves on the fact that our Easi-Dec access platforms are a cost saving effective alternative to scaffolding,” explains Soni Sheimer, General Manager at Easi-Dec. “The systems have been designed to provide safe access, without the time constraints and costs of erecting scaffolding, which greatly extends the time spent on a project. The access platforms can be installed and dismantled in under 30 minutes.”

For example, if a contractor hires scaffolding at £400 (with a charge to the customer of £440) and is planning to complete 40 projects per year, the annual cost will sit at £16,000, with a retained profit of £1,600 per annum. Completing the same number of projects with a  Roofline System, with a one off purchase cost of around £7,726, allows the contractor to benefit from a retained profit of £9,874.00 and an access system which can be re-used over many years.

Our Solutions

Easi-Dec and Roofline System have been designed to provide simple, rapid access to roofline level, without the time constraints and costs of erecting scaffolding. Installed and dismantled in less than 30 minutes, our platforms are suitable for access requirements for:

• Fascia, Soffit & Gutter Maintenance

• Roofing Repairs

• Solar Panels

• Window Replacement

• Window Maintenance

• Satellite Dishes

For more information on the Easi-Dec range of access platforms, please call our product experts on 01767 691812, or use our online contact form.

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