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Easi-Dec Makes PV for Social Housing Attractive to Both Installers and Landlords

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Are You an Installer Looking To Secure a Social Housing PV Project?

If so, you need to look at using Easi-Dec as your flexible alternative to scaffolding, our systems can literally shave tens of thousands of pounds from your PV contract tender.

Social housing associations are looking to award several PV contracts for their housing stock at the moment, and with our system costed in, your tender can look dramatically more attractive.

Even if you look at a very basic costing, it makes so much sense. Lets see, , , ,

Example Social Housing PV Solar Project:

Install PV panel array on 120 domestic dwellings for ABC City council. 2 installs per weekday for 12 weeks. One install team of 2 operatives.

Cost of scaffolding = Minimum of £100 per house = Total = £12,000

Purchase of Easi-Dec Solar-line system & training  = £7,600.00

potential for at least £3000 savings in only three months ! ( and that is based on some silly figures, i mean who can scaffold a house ready for solar for £100 ? )

And all this before we look at the other advantages of using our system for domestic PV installs :

  • No need to arrange and schedule the scaffolders beforehand/ensure removal after works completed.
  • Minimal intrusion and disruption to the home owner/tenant.
  • Flexibility to re-schedule any planned works with a moments notice.
  • The professional image that using a bespoke access system portrays to their clients.

If you are serious about landing the next big social housing PV contract that is up for graps, call/email us or browse the website, we are happy to discuss bespoke packages based on the specifics of any project.

If you are a solar panel installer, our system will give you the edge required in a very competitive market.

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