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Case Study: Easi-Dec Minimises Cost and Maximises Safety For Social Care Client

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Easi-Dec supplied a range of innovative ground and roofline safe access products to a leading housing and care provider in the UK to ensure the safety of its maintenance workers on council contracts.

The problem

Having worked in the Social Housing Sector for almost three decades, the client had a longstanding relationship with Crawley Borough Council. 

The client’s engineers were regularly carrying out maintenance work using ladders, which was potentially unsafe. Elsewhere, they were using scaffolding, however, this was cost-ineffective, and adding unnecessary extra time to short, regular work on properties across the region.

The solution

Case Study: Easi-Dec Minimises Cost and Maximises Safety For Social Care Client

Following a suggestion from the council, the client sought out Easi-Dec for a range of solutions that would maximise efficiency without sacrificing the safety of workers.

After the client got in touch with us, our expert engineers carried out a site meeting and up-front demonstration of our range.

We identified a need for the following products:

Roofline System: the client’s workers were regularly carrying out external building work on domestic homes, up to the roofline level. This work required scaffolding, which meant costs were racking up, and projects carried on longer than necessary due to the need to assemble and disassemble the scaffolding.

The Easi-Dec Roofline System is an effective alternative to scaffolding for external work that saves time and money. Consisting of several Easi-Dec rapid access platform systems linked with a catwalk, the Roofline provides safe access along the entire width of the building, which can be assembled and disassembled in minutes, completely negating the need for costly scaffolding.

By combining our Roofline System with the Corner Kit accessory, the client’s workers could safely tackle any external task without the need for scaffolding.

Platform Ladder: we identified that the client’s workers were carrying out quick external work using ladders. This was a potential risk factor, as ideally ladders should only be used for access, and not work. 

The Easi-Dec Platform Ladder - formerly known as the Painter’s Mate - combines the ease of a ladder with the safety of a working platform, making it a much safer and fully compliant alternative.

Solar Ladder: designed for installation and maintenance of solar panels on roofs, the Solar Ladder is an innovative and safe way for workers to move up and down the roof itself. Easily rolled up onto the roof on soft rubber wheels, the ladder is flipped over the ridge of the building, providing 23cm of clearance from roof to stile and a safe, secure work area.

The result

Although the project was delayed slightly by the COVID pandemic, we remained in touch with the client and they proceeded to place an order for a Roofline System, Platform Ladder, and Solar Ladder in September 2020.

We carried out training for their employees at a void property of the client’s, ensuring all workers knew how to safely and effectively operate the system.

By utilising Easi-Dec products over traditional alternatives such as scaffolding and ladders, the client was in complete control of the work they could carry out. Work could be done quickly and efficiently with no need to rely on costly scaffolding.

Easi-Dec solutions maximised the value of their time whilst guaranteeing the safety of all employees.

If you are in need of a rapid, safe access solution, call Easi-Dec today or get in touch via our online contact form.

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