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Easi-Dec Safety Tips

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Our Easi-Dec access platforms provide simple, safe rapid access when working at height, but just like any piece of equipment used in dangerous situations, its effectiveness is dependent on proper set-up and safe use.

Access platforms are incredibly safe, when built correctly, but if they are put together by those who are untrained or inexperienced, or if the platform is improperly used, it can lead to serious injury or worse.

Pre-use checks should be carried each time the platform is assembled and frequent maintenance inspections must be undertaken to ensure the platform remains in safe working order. If you’re ever unsure, refer to the user instructions or get in touch with us for advice.

You should always:

- Check the back legs are fitted. These are a safety feature and we recommend you top-fix the system or stake the feet for added security, and to prevent slippage.

- Always make sure that the platform is level before use, if it isn’t there is a risk that the  platform could subside once weight is put onto it.

- Make sure all pins and R clips are fitted correctly and secure. Pins should be inserted from the outside to minimise the chance of them being accidentally pushed out. If any of these are missing, or if incorrect components are used, there is a risk of the platform collapsing

- Make sure that the ladder is erected at the correct height and tied off using the straps provided. Never use a ladder or step ladder to gain extra height from the platform.

- Carry out the above steps again if the platform is left unattended, before accessing it.


Ensure you routinely maintain your platform so you can spot defects or issues before they become a risk. This is especially important if you use the platform regularly, and checks should be carried out weekly by a certified and competent worker.

- How to properly maintain the Easi-Dec platform:

- Confirm that all the main components are present.

- Check all pins and R Clips are present and in good condition.

- Inspect all rivets and bolts to ensure they’re tight and secure.

- Make sure that all welds are solid and that there are no cracks.

- Check that all decking and toe boards are in place and that there’s no sign of warping, cracking or splitting.

- Lubricate the gate sockets.

Using your access system properly

Once you’ve inspected and set up your Easi-Dec platform properly, you’re almost ready to start work, however there’s a couple of things you need to keep in mind.

Firstly, you should always use proper demarcation below the platform to ensure people don’t walk underneath whilst you are working. There are many different demarcation solutions, such as the modular and freestanding Kee Mark® system, provided by Kee Safety.

You should make sure you use the provided safety gate and toeboards with your access platform. This will prevent tools and materials from falling from the platform and injuring, or possibly killing, anyone below. Even if you are using proper demarcation, employing both demarcation and toeboards will minimises the chance of a serious incident.

Finally, if you are using the platform for roof access or edge protection, you must ensure the platform is tied into the building, this will provide secure protection and reduce the chance of slippage when leaving the platform.

Look after your access platform

By following these guidelines, you will not only be ensuring your Easi-Dec platform is safe to use, but you’ll also be safeguarding the life of the system as well as those that use it.

If you have any other questions about looking after your Easi-Dec platform, or would like to chat to one of our product experts about purchasing one of our systems, use our contact form or call us on 01767 691812.

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