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Easi-Dec Scaffolding Alternatives?

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Here at Easi-Dec, we are committed to providing the best health and safety measures on construction sites. We also focus on delivering only the most efficient and effective platforms to work around various types of jobs, from guttering to roof repairs.

Our products mean you don't have to rely on scaffolding every time you start a job. Instead, you can use mobile platforms as an access system to hard-to-reach areas.

Why Do Construction Workers Use Scaffolding?

Traditional scaffolding is popular in the construction industry. It is used for working at height, whether that involves installing windows or repairing a roof. The problem with scaffolding is that it is time-consuming, requires a lot of training, and is expensive. For workers who want to save time and money, it might not be the most effective solution.

Fortunately, with our Easi-Dec scaffolding alternatives, you don't have to use a scaffold system anymore.

Mobile Work Access Platform

Instead of scaffolding, we offer mobile working platforms to access work areas. These mobile work access platforms and portable, easy to use, and safe, allowing access to jobs like roofing and gutter work. You can put it up in ten minutes and then get it down again in the same amount of time. Plus, once the platform is up, you can shift it to suit your job's needs – no need to pull it down again.

These mobile work access platforms help with all sorts of construction work. If you're working at a height, use these adjustable work access platforms to gain access safely and efficiently. 

Solar Panel Work Access Platform

Here at Easi-Dec, we have work access platforms specific for working on solar panels. Scaffolding doesn't offer the same adjustable options as this alternative. With our solar panel platform, installing and maintaining solar panels is a breeze. It also comes with strap-operated legs, a rolling window bar, and a hoist to bring solar panels up and down the building. With this, you can be sure of safe working when working with solar panels.

Valley-walk Roof Gutter Access System

The job of maintaining valley gutters is necessary but risky due to the height and fragility of the gutters. With our mobile roof gutter access system, you can safely access the roof – the guard rails and steady platform, ensuring the job can be carried out in the safest possible manner to prevent injuries.

Gutter work is necessary, but time-consuming scaffolding doesn't have to be put up every time you use the valley walk access system.

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