Easi-Dec ‘treasure hunt’ competiton !!

OK, maybe i oversold the concept in the title, but i just realised i don't get to do any fun stuff with the website, so here is my first go at a bit of a game.

'The Grammar Hunt'

The concept is this: If you can find any legitimate spelling mistake or grammar faux-pas in our website, simply send us a message giving us the details, we will verify it and you will then get a voucher for 5% off any purchase within 6 months !!! ( I know, it's not exactly treasure, , but who knows ? this might take off, and soon we will be hosting monthly Easi-dec-tombola-mega-massive-prize tuesday, or super-special-solar-sensational Thursday afternoon ?) The sky's the limit. (Well, actually the limit on our platforms is 6.8m, which to be honest is much, much less that the sky's limit, , )

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