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Ensure Your Easi-Dec System Is Safe for 2019

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According to health and safety guidelines, employers have a duty of care to ensure that all equipment is in good condition, and that all workers are trained in its use. This includes any Easi-Dec equipment.

If you are an employer, you need to make sure your Easi-Dec is safe to use at all times. Are your gates and legs in good order? Have some of the parts gone missing? When was the last time your system was inspected for damage?

At Easi-Dec safety is our top priority, and to that end, we are offering an annual audit (inspection) of any Easi-Dec equipment you have.

For just £185+VAT, one of our trained specialists will come to your site and inspect your Easi-Dec equipment for faults and damage, and check that it is still in safe working order.

Like an MOT on your vehicle, we will inspect the equipment to ensure the safety of the user and the public alike, leaving you feeling confident you are working from a safe platform.

We also offer training for all employees on how to use our platforms safely, so make sure you take advantage.

For more information on Easi-Dec audits or training, call us on 01767 691812 or use our online contact form.

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