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Germany gains access with Easi-Dec

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Easi-Dec, the working at height safety specialist, has supplied and supervised the installation of a bespoke Roof Walk safety solution to a global chemical manufacture company in Germany to provide staff with safe access to a fragile roof.

The company, which manufactures and markets differentiated chemicals for a variety of global companies, required a safe walkway to gain access along the company roof, which crosses over 9 sheds.  Easi-Dec worked in conjunction with Kee Safety GmbH to create a customer specific unique solution to provide flat and vertical access on the roof. The specially designed Roof Walk system features a lightweight aluminium walkway with a single sided handrail and 9 ladders.

“The system can be individually configured and was easily adjusted to our needs” explained the company’s Production manager. “The installation was completed quickly and efficiently, without any difficulties. This is a stable, high quality system and our expectations have been completely fulfilled.”

The innovative Roof Walk solution was custom designed by Easi-Dec and Kee Safety GmbH to ensure that the solution was measured exactly to fit within the specific roof space.  Installation was then carried out by the customer with instructions and support from Easi-Dec.  The Roof Walk system does not attach to the roof itself, but all sections are connected to one another, making it easily transportable and quick and simple to fit.

To ensure ultimate safety across the fragile roof, the access system spreads the weight of the load on support battens and provides workers with a safe walkway, reducing the risk of staff slipping, tripping or falling. It is even safe for staff to access the roof during adverse weather conditions as the mesh walkway is fully visible. The Roof Walk system can be fitted with optional extras, in this case the single sided handrail. However double sided handrails, ridge hooks and valley stop ends are also available.

Easi-Dec offers free demonstrations of their Roof Walk system to ensure that the customer can get the most out of the equipment by knowing exactly how to erect the system. The demonstrations can be held at either Easi-Dec’s or the customer’s premises, or on site.

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