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Haulage Company Fined Following Ladder Fatality

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At the beginning of the year we wrote a series of posts on the importance of ladder safety and how correct selection of ladders and accessories was vital.  Sadly the recent case of the Norfolk-based haulage company which has been prosecuted following the death of a worker who fell from a ladder is the perfect example of what happens when correct procedures are not followed.

The worker in this case was unloading items from a lorry when he fell from an unsecured ladder and later died from his injuries.  The subsequent HSE investigation found that the company had failed to properly safeguard workers from falls and as a result was fined £150,000 with costs of £88,000 after being found guilty to three counts of the Work at Height Regulations.

Following the verdict the HSE inspector for the case commented that  “the risks of falling from height during unloading lorries is well known across the industry. There is absolutely no excuse for companies to neglect safety."  She went on to state that the company's failure "to adequately plan working at height and provide adequate supervision resulted in horrific injuries" from which the victim never recovered.

Falls from ladders and stepladders account for nearly a third of all fall from height accidents and with over 2 million ladders being used each day in the UK, it's essential that people are trained in the correct selection and use of ladders, and appropriate ladder safety devices are used.

Easi-Dec offers a wide range of ladder products and accessories designed specifically for securing ladders; these include Ladder Spurs which prevent outward slip to ensure work can be carried out safely.

The HSE Guide Safe Use of Ladders and Stepladders can be downloaded from the HSE website.

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