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How to Prevent Low Level Falls?

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The term “Work at Height” is usually connected with roof or construction work, but work at height relates to any activity where, if there are no precautions in place, a person could fall a distance liable to cause personal injury. When carry out low level work at height those working at 2m or below also need to be protected.

The Work at Height Regulations requires the risk of a fall to be prevented.  Work at height refers to any place where a person could fall a distance liable to cause personal injury.   Before any work is carried out it must be planned in advance.  This means that the risks must be assessed, careful consideration given to the selection of equipment, working conditions as well as any required training and supervision.

Even if the work is 2m or below, the hierarchy of control still needs to be taken in to account:

- Avoid work at height where possible and reasonably practicable to do so

- If work at height cannot be avoided, then prevent falls using an existing place of work that is already safe or

- Minimise the distance and consequences of a fall, by using the right type of equipment where the risk cannot be eliminated.

Low level work

When it comes to work below 2m, a sensible and pragmatic approach should be taken.  There is a range of equipment designed specifically for this type of work including ladders, stepladders and low level guarded access platforms.

Always asses the risk

The latest statistics show that in a single year in the UK, there were 5 fatalities and 3,176 major injuries as a result of a fall below 2m.  Recommending a safe access solution for working at low heights can often be more problematic than finding a solution for higher applications such as roof work, however the principles are still the same.  The risk must be assessed, work planned properly and suitable training, instruction and supervision given.

Easi-Dec solutions for low level work

Easi-Dec offers a wide range of interior and low level access solutions for working at height, e.g. Walk Thru Stairwell Access. We also supply a wide range of ladders, together with Ladder Safety Accessories allowing you to work safely and in line with HSE guidelines. Brose our Products and look at Low Level & Interior Access range to find out the best solution for you. You may also want to look at our Ladder Products.

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