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How to provide safe access in a building

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We write a lot about how our Easi-Dec Access Platforms provide safe, rapid access to the roofline level, but we also provide a range of solutions for safe, rapid access over obstacles, to machinery or difficult to reach areas within a building.

Step-Over Access Platforms provide a safer alternative to standard means of access such as ladders and scissor lifts and can be designed for specific on-site requirements.

These flexible solutions are ideal for areas where frequent access is needed, such as to machinery for maintenance or safe operation, around congested plant rooms, over low level trip hazards such as cable trays or to racking within a warehouse.

Our range of solutions include both bespoke static step-over platforms for a permanent safety solution, mobile platforms for use in a number of locations as well as a number of off-the shelf mini kit options for access over low level hazards such as cable trays.  Below are just a few examples of where Step-Over Access Platforms can overcome access issues inside a premises and at ground level.

These are just a few examples of how and where Step-Over Access Platforms can be used.  As these solutions are modular in design, they can be configured to virtually any requirement and are quick and easy to assemble, adjust and take apart.  As no welding is required, the bespoke platforms can be designed, built and implemented faster than welded solutions.  Customised platforms can be delivered in nearly half the time as a fabricated one while off-the-shelf kits provide an immediate solution for standard trip hazards.

Call our product experts on Tel: 01767 691812 to discuss how our range of Step-Over Access Platforms can help you to provide safe access around your premises.

Read how and where Step-Over Access Platforms can help to solve access issues on congested roofs

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