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How to Work Safely Above a Stairwell

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Our Walk Thru Stairwell Access system has been designed to provide a safe working solution to stairwell maintenance.

Stairwell access is a common problem while carrying our maintenance tasks or decorating. Traditional methods such as boards and step ladders have resulted in many accidents, raising concerns that they are not suitable for this form of work.

The Walk Thru Stairwell is quick and easy to use and provides users with a stable working platform above the staircase, while still allowing access up the stairs to the first floor.

This is done by simply rolling back the aluminium slatted decking as required.

Once access has been achieved, the decking can be rolled back down, allowing work to continue from a safe working platform.

The Walk Thru Stairwell Access system is just one of a range of products which have been developed specifically to allow safe access when carrying out work inside a property.  Our full range of interior access products can be found under the Low Level and Interior Access product section of our website.

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