Important update to our Board-Walk system

Our innovative Board-Walk platform is now even more useful thanks to a recent update.

With a simple modification, the system can now run horizontally as well as vertically across a roof making it usable in a wider variety of configurations.

The system can be modified to suit your needs and previously owned vertical systems can be upgraded with the addition of a few simple parts.

Board-Walk provides a safer working position for short duration roof maintenance works and is manufactured from high-grade aluminium materials, making it lightweight and easily portable.

The Board-Walk system is the perfect temporary solution to the problem of fragile skylights and roofs, though prior to Board-Walk being used on any roof surface, it is essential that:

  • The roof structure is checked to ensure it can take the weight being appliced, and
  • A risk assessment is carried out and a method statement prepared

For more information about the Board-Walk system, or to enquire about upgrading your current system to be used horizontally, call us on 01767 691812 or use our online contact form.