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Industrial Roofing Solutions From Easi-Dec

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Easi-Dec, the working at height safety specialist, is eliminating the possibility of roof top accidents by providing a range of safety solutions to those accessing fragile industrial roofs.

“With various weak spots and uneven surfaces, industrial roofing is prone to being fragile, making it an unsafe environment for workers undertaking roof top maintenance” explains John Jones, General Manager at Easi-Dec, a Kee Safety company.  “Easi-Dec has developed its range of products to ensure that it can provide a safety system that is suitable for all requirements and simplify short duration roof work.”

Easi-Dec’s range of roof access equipment includes Roof Walk, a portable mesh walkway.  Running from the eaves to ridge, the system spreads the weight across the support battens, allowing the workers to confidentially move along the full length of the system.  Made of high grade aluminium, the structure is lightweight, easily transportable and can be used on roof pitches up to 30 degrees.

Roof-Walk is a fully guarded rolling platform, mounted on twin racks to allow workers to move up and down the roof on a secure and level surface.  Requiring no penetration, the structure is easy to assemble and take down, and is possible to transport quickly to other parts of the roof.  A 4.6m platform comes as standard, with a 2.5m alternative also available.  This moves along a linking track which is fitted with safety mesh and battens to provide further support.

Completing the range is Valley-Walk, a lightweight mobile walking frame designed to provide safe access for one or two people when working along valley gutters.  The outriggers are filled with safety mesh and cushioned for comfort.  This system can also be used to transport light payloads.  Valley-Walk is suitable for typical symmetrical valleys, but can also be fully adjustable to suit uneven designs.

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