Intelligent Energy Confirms PV Boom in Radio 4 Interview

Britain is out of recession.  The figure for growth in the last quarter was announced with a certain flourish but it’s much weaker than anyone had imagined.  Interviewed on Radio 4 at the beginning of this month, Peter Searancke of Intelligent Energy Solutions talked about his company’s experience of the recession.

“We’re very fortunate in the fact that we’re not really seeing a recession at the moment.  People are beginning to realise that renewable energy products pay back, and are a worthwhile investment, especially at the moment with bank interest rates so low there are better things to put your money into.”

The UK’s targets for energy from renewable sources could provide £100bn worth of investment opportunities and up to half a million jobs in the renewable energy sector by 2020, as stated by MCS.  This may seem to be a long term view, but as Peter goes on to say, his company is having to recruit in order to supply demand.

Listen To The Intelligent Energy Radio 4 Interview Here