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Job Worth Doing Uses Roofline Systems From Easi-Dec

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Job Worth Doing has been using Roofline Systems from Easi-Dec for over the 20 years. The company has saved itself 100’s of £1000’s not to mention it kept its workforce safe and efficient. The Roofline System has been designed to provide simple, rapid access to roofline level, without the time constraints of erecting scaffolding. The Roofline System is one or more Easi-Dec platforms linked securely with our Catwalk to form a continuous fully-guarded access platform.

Job Worth Doing first purchased a Roofline System over 20 years ago, but now it owns several systems and uses them daily, replacing the need to hire in scaffolding on at least 75% of their jobs.

“We consider the quality and ability of the Easi-Dec Roofline System to be excellent and the Aftersales Service and Training ‘second to non’” said Allen Davis, the General Operations Manager at Job Worth Doing.

Job Worth Doing is the UK’s leading home maintenance company and completes more than 200 jobs every day. The company carries out a wide variety of home improvement tasks including replacement Fascia, Soffit and Guttering and more recently has included PV Solar Installations in its portfolio.

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