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The Importance of Using Loft Crawling Boards

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The Importance of Using Loft Crawling Boards

Many construction jobs require access to a loft, which isn't the safest place in a house. It’s often a confined space with an unstable floor, after all. In fact, there is often no floor at all, which makes it a work area where you seriously need to prioritize safety. Before starting work, you must have a system of work identified that involves using a loft crawling board.

What Are Loft Crawling Boards?

Loft crawling boards are boards that sit on top of ceiling joists to allow safe access to a loft. They are used to ensure the worker doesn’t fall through the ceiling or damage the surrounding area. As part of proper health and safety on-site, they should always be used. Read on to learn the importance of using loft crawl boards.

Safety Comes First

In essence, a loft crawling board provides safety for you and your workers. When you’re working in a loft crawl space, or you’re climbing up a loft ladder, there is always a risk of falling. To work at heights without too much of a fall risk, you need some sort of sturdy surface.

Lofts don’t just contain fall hazards - they have trip hazards, too. Crawl boards help you steer clear of those risks. Whatever loft floor plans you come across, a crawl board allows you safe and easy access. If you want to increase safety even more, or you’re working in a particularly unstable loft, you might consider bringing safety rails along.

It Assists a Range of Loft Tasks

A lot of work needs to be done in a loft space – especially an old one. You might need to replace a loft hatch, or you might need access to the roof space joints. Whatever your reason for working up there, you need protection from falling.

Whether you routinely work on loft conversations or install loft insulation, a loft crawling board helps keep you safe.

Minimise Financial Risks

If a worker gets injured on-site, the company is liable. That’s one of the many reasons you should always provide a safe and stable environment to work in, including lofts. With crawl boards, you ensure safer access to the loss, which, in turn, minimises fall hazards and financial risks.

They Are Easy to Transport

Don’t worry – crawl boards won’t add a chunk of work to your day. They are easily transportable from site to site, which means you can use the same one time and time again without worry. Plus, they fit snuggly into any van.

To Comply with Regulations

Construction companies need to abide by workplace regulations. When you work at height regulations, you need proper protection, and that comes in the form of a loft crawling board. It’s not just about keeping safe – it’s also about following the rules and avoiding fines.

Before working on a loft, you need to identify dangers in a risk assessment. That will usually include the risk of falling. Luckily, there is an easy solution - a loft crawling board. The next time you work on a loft, make sure you have a high-quality crawl board for safety, s

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