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Make Sure Sites Are Safe During HSE’s Safer Sites Initiative

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The HSE recently announced that it would be carrying out unannounced inspections of sites where refurbishment projects or repair works are underway from the 22nd September until the 17th October.

The aim of this is to try and reduce ill health, death and injury in the industry. During the visits HSE inspectors will considering whether jobs which involve work at height have been identified and properly planned and that appropriate precautions, such as proper structures are in place.

Work at height should follow the hierarchy of controls – avoid, prevent arrest.  The first questions when planning work at height should be "can the work be done safely from the ground?"  If not then appropriate measures should be put in place to allow the work to be carried out safely.  If ladders are to be used you must carry out pre-use check beforehand to make sure that the ladder is safe for use.

Easi-Dec has a range of products which can help those carrying out refurbishment or repair work to work at height safely. Whether this is the installation of replacement windows, or fascias, soffits or guttering, perhaps solar panels or even chimney repairs, Easi-Dec has a solution.

For example, The Easi-Dec range of Ladder Products overcome the inherent dangers of working with ladders.

  • Ladder Spurs increase the width of the ladder to prevent the ladder from slipping outwards
  • Ladder Stand-Off allows safe access to corners, or by-pass obstacles to allow you to reach the eaves and up onto roof edge
  • The Easi-Dec Platform Ladder provides a safe personal mini access platform that's ideal for external short duration work at heights up to 8m.
  • The Hands Free Ladder features a permanently fixed harness attachment and wall tie-in which allows tasks to be carried out dual handed.

With such an extensive range of products available to ensure work at height tasks can be carried out safely, there's no reason for companies to be concerned about the current HSE initiative.

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