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Making Sure Your Platforms Are Safe to Use

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Our Easi-Dec access platforms are designed to provide simple, rapid access but, as with any equipment, this is dependent upon it being safe and fit for use.

Access platforms are no different from any other type of work at height equipment – pre-use checks should be carried each time they are assembled and frequent maintenance inspections undertaken to ensure the platform remains in safe working order.

Pre-Use Checks

The platform should always be assembled as demonstrated in your training.  If you are ever in doubt, refer to the user instructions or contact us for advice.

Before accessing a platform you should always check it’s assembled correctly.  The following should be examined once the platform is in place to ensure it has been constructed properly and is safe to use:

  • Check that the Back legs are fitted. These are a safety feature; we recommend that you top fix the system or stake the feet for added security and to prevent the system from slipping away from the wall.
  • Make sure that all Pins and ‘R’ Clips are fitted correctly and are secure. Pins should be inserted from the outside to minimise the ‘R’ clips from being accidently pushed out. Correct fitting of the Pins and Clips is essential as these ensure the platform stays together.  If any of these are missing or incorrect components are used, there is a risk of the platform collapsing
  • Always make sure that the platform is level before use, if it isn’t there is a risk that the  platform could subside once weight is put onto the system.
  • All safety gates and toe boards supplied with the platform system should always be used.  These prevent the user and items from falling off the platform
  • Make sure that the ladder is erected at the correct height and tied off using the straps provided.  Never use a ladder or step ladder to gain extra height from the platform.
  • If the platform is left unattended repeat the above steps again before accessing it.


It’s advisable to implement a routine maintenance regime for your access platform in order to spot potential defects before they become a serious issue.  If your system is being used on a regular basis then weekly checks should be carried out by a competent person (valid certificate holder) as follows:

  • Confirm tthat all the main components are present.  For example, for a 2m Easi-Dec access platform there are 8 main components
  • Check all Pins and ‘R’ Clips are present and in good condition.
  • Inspect all rivets and bolts to ensure they’re tight and secure
  • Make sure that all welds are solid and that there are no cracks
  • Check that all plywood decking and toe boards are in place and that there’s no sign of warping, cracking or splitting.
  • Lubricate the gate sockets

Look after your access platform and it will look after you

These guidelines on pre-use checks and regular maintenance of your system will not only help to ensure your system is safe to use, but also safeguard the life of the system, as well as those using it.

If you’re in any doubt as to what you should be looking for during these inspections or would like to talk to use about annual inspection of your Easi-Dec Access Platform, please contact us on Tel: 01767 691812.

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