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What Is the Most Common Problem With Gutters?

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Gutters are unsung heroes. They do the job quietly, without fuss, and most of the time, it’s possible to forget that they exist. But when you have damaged gutters or other gutter problems, it can lead to more significant issues. Without gutters, water would run off your roof and down your walls, creating water damage and even causing building materials to fail. It doesn’t take long for this to permeate a building either – creating damp patches, mould, crumbling plaster, and more. When it comes to roof gutter maintenance, you want to ensure your home is in good hands and work with professionals – those with experience in your building style and able to handle all gutter repairs.

So, what are the most common gutter problems you should look out for, and how can you fix them?

Blocked Gutters

Blocked or clogged gutters are a common problem for many buildings. Cleaning gutters is an annoying job, and as they are generally out of eyesight, it’s also easily forgotten about or put off. However, blocked gutters are easily fixed by taking the time to clean your gutters. If water runs over the tops of gutters or fails to flow down the downpipes, they most likely need cleaning. Dirt, moss, leaves, and so on can all fall into the gutter system and be washed to a pinch point where they form a blockage. To get water to flow properly around the gutter system, remove blockages, and put regular gutter cleaning on your maintenance schedule.

Leaking Gutters

Another common problem is leaking gutters. Several things might cause leaks, but they generally come from wear and tear on your gutter system and physical damage. New rainwater systems are designed with thermal expansion in mind – that means they have been designed for movement in hot and cold weather and are less likely to fail. However, older systems can easily be damaged by seasonal weather changes. If dirt gets into the gutter seals, it can also cause damage, creating leaks – another reason to keep your gutters clean. If you have a leak in your gutters, you should first give them a thorough clean – sometimes, the pressure of a blockage can be enough to create a leak. If the problem is with a seal, which is often the case at a gutter joint, you can use gutter sealant to fix the problem.

Sagging Gutters

Sagging gutters are at least an easy problem to see. The gutter starts to fall in places and collect pools of standing water instead of going down the drain properly. Again, this is commonly a problem caused by a lack of cleaning. It can quickly become heavy where dirt builds up – particularly over winter when it might freeze. Sagging gutters are also caused by poor installation – for instance, if the supporting brackets have been placed with a long distance between them and do not provide enough support. So you need to ensure that your system is put up by an experienced professional and, again, keep it clean.

Working with our professional team is the most efficient way to solve your gutter problems or to make sure they are properly and regularly maintained. If you are attempting to fix a minor problem by yourself, remember to always work carefully with a partner and always have ladder safety in mind.

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