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Plasterer’s Mate Ensures Safety for Low Level Interior Projects

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The Plasterer's Mate/Low Level Platform is a safety platform from Easi-Dec  that provides builders, plasterers, decorators and small contractors with a safe, professional, low-level working solution for interior building maintenance work.

Safe low level access can often be a problem for plasterers, decorators and other small contractors. Slips, trips and falls from low-level heights cause broken bones and serious injuries leading to thousands of sick days every year.  Keeping these factors in mind, Plasterer’s Mate has been designed specifically for low-level interior work, to walls and ceilings to provide quick access and optimum safety.

Incorporating a clever roll-up decking which can be carried under one arm, Plasterer’s Mate eliminates the usual interior access problems associated with trestles and long boards. Fully adjustable in both length and height, Plasterer’s Mate comes with telescopic safety rails and the roll-up anti-slip safety deck that can be rolled out to suit the required frame length. To hold the structure in place, braked castors are fitted at one end and flat adjustable feet fitted to the opposite end. 

The Specs

Weighing about 55kg, the Plasterer’s Mate is made of high grade aluminium, with three length adjustments of 1350mm, 1850mm and 2350mm and height adjustments between 220mm –720mm in increments of 25mm, providing a platform width of 650mm to work with.

“The Plasterer’s Mate is essential equipment for construction industry workers,” says Soni Sheimer, General Manager at Easi-Dec. “Its lightweight design, makes it easily transportable.  It is also very simple to put together therefore saving a lot of time helping users to achieve a good job easily and safely.”

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