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Retrieve Christmas decorations safely with Easi-Dec

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It’s almost that time of year again. The time when homeowners across the country head up into the loft in search of the Christmas decorations to bring joy and colour to their homes for the festive period.

The ladder goes up and into the loft you go. The tinsel, baubles and lights are in a cardboard box and stuffed away at the very back, even though last year you swore to yourself you would put them away properly to make this year easier.

As you clamber over a pile of boxes, you accidentally set off a novelty singing Santa that causes you to slip off the joist and put your foot straight through the ceiling below.

Everybody loves Christmas, but few people enjoy the work that goes into getting the house ‘Christmas ready’, and in fact the simple act of getting into and out of the loft can actually lead to a nasty injury if you aren’t careful. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents estimates around 1,000 people injure themselves each year whilst decorating their home for the festive season.

At Easi-Dec, we aim to mask this task a little bit safer with the Joist Safety Matting. Originally designed for the laying of insulation between joists, the matting system is perfect for the safe movement around the notoriously tricky loft space.

Made from hollow aluminium slats that roll up into a tight bundle, the Joist Safety Matting is available for both 400mm and 600mm joist centres, and in 1 m lengths that can be joined if required. The underside is covered in heavy duty rubber to prevent accidental electric shock, and the top side has anti-slip strips fitted for total safety.

With the Joist Matting system, you can be in and out with your Christmas decorations in minutes, whack up the tree, break out the Bailey’s, and settle down to watch a Christmas movie, knowing the Joist Matting system is there to make your life a little bit easier come January.

For more information on the Joist Matting System, or any of our products, call us on 01767 691812, or use our online contact form.

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