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Roofing Contractor Fined £53,000 for Fragile Roof Fall

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A roofing contractor has been fined £53,000 after a worker fell through a fragile roof.

The company was carrying out external refurbishment work on a warehouse which included replacing roof sheets.  Unsecured boards were provided to cover rooflights, but unfortunately these did not offer sufficient protection and the worker fell 6m onto a concrete floor below and suffered numerous fractures.

Commenting after the case the HSE inspector said “Work at height, such as roof work, is a high-risk activity that accounts for a high proportion of workplace serious injuries and fatalities each year.  This incident could have been avoided had the company ensured that appropriate measures were in place to prevent falls, in line with industry standards for roof work.”

Falls through fragile roofs and rooflights continue to account for the majority of fall from height fatalities.  Accidents such as these can easily be avoided with by using suitable equipment and making sure those carrying out the work are provided with adequate information, training and supervision.

Products such as our Roof Walk open mesh walkway system are designed specifically to allow work to be carried out safely on fragile and industrial roofs.  The system can run vertically up, or down, or horizontally across a roof and provides users with a safer working position. Roof Walk is lightweight and easily portable, making it ideal for use on fragile roofs.

If you're working on fragile roofs, call us on Tel: 01767 691812 to discuss how we can help you work safely.

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