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Safe Fascia, Soffit and Gutter Work

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As with all work at height, installing or replacing fascias, soffits and gutters can be dangerous so it’s essential that the work is risk assessed thoroughly and appropriate controls put in place to manage those risks.  Correct selection of work equipment is also essential.

The Easi-Dec Trimline system is designed for fitting windows, fascias, soffits and guttering on a standard two storey house. The system can be assembled in just 20 minutes and provides rapid and simple access up to gutter level with a guarded 6.5 metres of platform which means installers can work comfortably with standard 5 metre lengths of trim.

The Problems With Other Solutions

When installing or replacing fascia, soffits and gutters, working off ladders is actively discouraged by the HSE, however scaffolding can be slow to erect and costly, particularly for short duration work.  Scaffold towers on the other hand can be cumbersome and not always suitable for work in gardens or on uneven or sloping ground. The Trimline system has been designed to overcome all these issues. It is easy to transport, quick to erect and can cope with many of the access problems faced when fitting FSG, including spanning conservatories, porches and bay windows.

A standard Trimline consists of two Mono-Dec access platforms, each 1.2 metres long. These can be erected in just 5 minutes and used as independent platforms. Connecting the Mono-Decs with a standard 4.6 metre catwalk creates a safe working platform extending to 6.5 metres.

The system includes two Rolling Window Bars and a pair of Stand-Offs with wheels for tackling deep soffits and obstacles such as downpipes or satellite dishes.

An End Support Frame is also available allowing the Trimline system to be erected in tight boundaries where ground access is restricted to as little as 15 cm. The system’s telescopic legs can incrementally adjust the working height and can be adjusted independently to accommodate uneven ground.

Trimline can easily fit onto a roof rack and when erected provides plenty of working area for two installers to work quickly and easily up to gutter level.

Using Trimline to install and replace fascia, soffits and guttering can allow you to work quickly and safety and helps you to be more competitive by saving on the cost of scaffolding.   The system also overcomes customers’ concerns over scaffolding such as damage and security problems, particularly when it is left for long periods of time.

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