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Safe painting and decorating from Easi-Dec

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By Soni Sheimar, Easi-Dec General Manager

Exterior painting and decorating is a challenging job at best and risky, if not dangerous, at worst. It often combines the risks associated with decorating with the dangers of working at height, which we all know is inherently dangerous.

Alongside all the usual risks of painting and decorating, such as accidental electrocution, exposure to asbestos, manual handling and machinery and tools, you will often find yourself in a position where a task cannot be completed from the ground, as recommended in the work at height hierarchy.

When confronted by these tasks, such as gutterwork and painting the upper storey of a house, you might think a ladder is the best solution. However, ladders come with their own risks, and ladders account for around 40% of falls from height accidents investigated by the Health & Safety Executive in workplaces in the UK each year.

That’s where our Painters Mate comes in. Also known as the ‘Platform Ladder’, the Painters Mate is a very fast, lightweight and safe personal mini access platform ideal for any external short duration work at heights of up to 8 metres (reach).

Featuring a secure gated platform and a special detachable ladder, the Painters Mate is both light enough to 'lift and shift' whilst still assembled, and easily transportable.

At its core, the Painters Mate is an extendable aluminium ladder with a mini-access platform on the top and additional support at the base. Though this might sound strange to some, the platform at the top helps minimise the disorientation which can occur when you lean to the left or right on a regular, everyday ladder, providing a sense of security to the user.

In an independent product review for Tool Business + Hire magazine, Peter Brett said: "I am a self-confessed scaredy-cat on ladders, but was immensely impressed with Platform Ladder. In my opinion it is a brilliant device that increases the safety of working at height by a large margin. The quality of the product is self-evident and I am sure will last a lifetime."

The Painters Mate also features rear stabilisers, an auto-locking safety gate, large rubber levelling feet and a wall tie-off. The ladder and platform themselves consist of just a few lightweight components making the whole system easy to build, move and store. It is perfect for the decorator on the move.

For more information on the Painters Mate, or any of our products, call us on 01767 691812 or use our online contact form.

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