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Safe Working at Height Cheaper Than Ever

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Roof access and safe working at height require scaffolding, right? Wrong!

Scaffold platform hire costs are on the up, and with the new ‘Lite’ Solar access system system, it makes more sense that ever to swap from scaffolding to our money saving alternative.

Easi-Dec can now offer another option for solar PV installation, or to use for any work when roof access and safe working at height is required.  The Solar Access System  ‘Lite’ !.

The system still gives 7.65m of edge protection at roofline, still gives a platform height of 3.3 – 5.5m and still includes a bespoke hoist/pulley system for bringing the panels up to height safely.

Our cost effective scaffold platform allows safe working at height by utilising 2 platforms (the 2m Easi-Dec & 2.5m or 2m Solar platform ) each equipped with winged gates (each wing providing an additional 0.9m of edge protection).

The advantage of not using a catwalk to span the gap between the platforms, means that the complete system flat packs down well enough that the whole system could be transported on the roof rack of most estate cars ! (although we do not recommend it, as it will leave no room for panels or passengers, so we do suggest sticking with a van).

And the best part ? The solar access system ‘Lite’ system comes to you for £5,300.00+vat !

What about training ? I hear you ask.  The ‘Lite’ still includes full training and certification for up to 8 operatives (certification valid for 5 years). This allows operatives to assemble, use and dismantle the equipment in accordance with HSE recommendations when safe working at height is required.

We Can Help

We can also help you spread out the costs of switching from scaffolding with our INTEREST FREE ‘HIRE-TO-BUY’ payment plan. The basic costing of the plan are laid out below:

Initial deposit = 50% ( £2,650.00+vat)
3 x Further monthly payments = (£883.34+vat per month)
Final ownership transfer fee = £10.00+vat
Total amount = £5310.00+vat !

We can also arrange for a demonstration of the system for you free of charge, as we find that once someone has seen the system in action, their next questions is how quickly can they take one away!

For any further information please contact Brett in the office on 01767 691 812 or [email protected]   (if you are reading this anywhere but the UK, we have offices in the USA, Germany, France, Poland, Dubai and Canada, please contact us and we will put you in touch with a local partner that can help you make the move to Easi-Dec.)

For a true alternative to scaffold platforms for safe working at height, always talk to Easi-Dec.

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