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Safety in Lofts for Engineers

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Gone are the days when loft spaces merely consisted of pipes, insulation and last year’s Christmas decorations. 

Today loft spaces in domestic properties are increasingly being used to house a variety of building functions which means access is often required by maintenance staff for satellite TV systems, central heating systems, solar PV panels and for telephone lines.

If a loft isn't permanently boarded, carrying out the work can be dangerous.   Walking along the joists, particularly if they are concealed under loft insulation is not a safe method of working. On slip or misplaced foot and there is the serious risk of a fall through the ceiling. 

The HSE recommends that a form of temporary boarding should be used to cover the gaps between joists so that work can be carried out safely, "a good example is concertina style load bearing safety decking that can be passed up through the loft opening and then can be expanded out when in the loft to extend over the joists." 

Joist Safety Matting

Our Joist Safety Matting has been designed specifically to overcome these problems and to provide safe platform for those needing to access and work in un-boarded lofts.  The matting is lightweight, and easily rolls out to cover the gaps between joists to provide a strong and safe temporary protection for workers.   Once the work is completed the matting can be rolled up to a compact size for ease of storage and transportation.

The Joist Safety Matting features hollow aluminium slats which are simply rolled up into a tight bundle when not in use for ease of storage and transportation.  Heavy duty rubber on the underside of the slats prevent accidental electric shock while anti-slip strips fitted to the top side guarantee sure footing for enhanced safety. 

If you or your staff need to access domestic lofts on a regular basis for installation or maintenance work, please call us on Tel: 0 1767 691812 for advice on how to work safely in lofts.

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