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Safety in the Replacement Window Industry

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When installing or replacing windows, work at height can rarely be avoided, but following some very simple principles of how to work safely can reduce the likelihood of accidents, which in turn reduces the potential for serious injury or even death.

As with any work, tasks involving work at height must be risk assessed so that practical control methods can be put in place to reduce risks to a minimum.  When assessing the risks and planning the work,  a good starting point is to think about the following:

Can You Avoid Working at Height?

If possible, try to carry out the work from inside the building. This could include using window hoists, drilling and knocking out from inside the building rather than working off scaffolding or from ladders.

Using window hoists have the further benefit of reducing manual handling risks such as carrying glazing up a ladder.

What if Work at Height Can’t Be Avoided?

If you can't avoid having to work at height, safe access is vital. Access Platforms or tower scaffolds should be used to prevent a person falling whenever possible.  If you’re working over a structure such as a conservatory, make sure you take effective measures to prevent people being struck by a falling object.


All control measures should be reviewed regularly to make sure they are still applicable as site conditions can change.


Competency is crucial, not only to ensure the safety of anyone carrying out the work but also to guarantee good workmanship.

Those carrying out the work must be fully trained on correct working practices and how to work safely at height.  Work should be supervised to be sure that correct procedures are being followed.

Safety the Easi Way

Easi-Dec has been supplying the replacement window industry with safe solutions for working at height for over 30 years.  In fact, several of our products feature in the GGF’s official Working at Height, Code of Practice: Safety in the Domestic Replacement Window Industry publication.

Our wide range of access platforms includes the Window-Dec, a purpose designed access platform which incorporates a lifting mechanism for window replacement, our standard 2m Easi-Dec and Roofline for safe, rapid access to the roofline level.

Our clever Conservatory Roof Access system has been designed specifically to allow access to all areas of a conservatory or similar glazed roof, for safe, fast and easy maintenance.  The system features a bespoke tool tray and bucket recess for safe storage of tools during work and to prevent people being struck by falling objects.

When the use of ladders is required, we also have a range of ladder accessories to provide simple and effective protection as recommended by the HSE.

When it comes to work at height, we have the solutions to allow you to work safely, quickly and cost-effectively. Call our product experts on Tel: 01767 691812 to discuss how our range of access platforms and safety accessories can help you to replace windows safely. .

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