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Solar Installers Be Aware - What en13374 Class ‘C’ Actually Means

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In order to use any platform to access pitched roofs, Sufficient edge and fall protection is required by law. This protection should comply with EN13374 Class 'C'. To read about what tolerance is involved with this standard have a look here, However, to see a video of what kind of impact the system is required to withstand, please see our video on youtube here.

Easi-Dec equipment is designed to comply with all required working at height standards and HSE regulations. Avoid getting cought out by manufacturers that claim that their products comply with EN13374, but do not specify what class of protection it offers. Class 'C' is mandatory for work that requires operatives to walk on to and off of a pitched roof.

If you have any questions about the correct procedures for working at height and would like advice from professionals with over 50 years experience between them, please call the office on 01767 691 812 or contact us via the website. If you are working at height, then you will benefit from talking to Easi-Dec.

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