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Solution Spotlight: Fascia, Soffits and Gutters

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If you are involved in installing or maintaining fascias, soffits or gutters (FSG), you may currently be using scaffolding, a scaffold tower, or perhaps even a ladder to do your work.

Worryingly, ladders account for around 40% of falls from height accidents investigated by the Health & Safety Executive in workplaces in the UK each year, and around 48,000 people a year in the UK now attend A&E departments citing a ladder fall as the cause of their injury.

Our solutions for FSG work are designed to keep workers safe from harm whilst also making work more efficient. See below to read more about the products we offer.

Easi-Dec Access Platform

First conceived in 1985 after the introduction stringent safety laws, the Easi-Dec has become a firm favourite everywhere with companies and contractors who work at height on the outside of domestic properties.

The original Easi-Dec platform provides simple, safe rapid access up to roof line level, whilst spanning building obstructions such as porches and bay windows.

The access platform is designed for the lighter jobs, giving access to the wall and second floor windows as well as soffits and gutters for maintenance and repair work. The platform can be assembled in a matter of minutes, making it an ideal alternative to scaffolding. You can also easily move the platform once assembled to reach other areas.

The Easi-Dec can be transported in either a transit van or an estate car, making it the perfect option for independent contractors or small business.

Roofline System

The best solution for FSG work by far, however, is the Roofline System.

The Roofline System is two or more Easi-Dec platforms linked securely with our Catwalk to form a continuous fully-guarded platform, which complies with the edge protection requirements set out in EN13374.

The 8 or 10 metre Roofline System can be erected in less than 30 minutes, and the telescopic legs give height adjustment in 30mm increments, overcoming the problems posed by sloping or uneven ground. Whilst the standard legs (3.3m - 5.5m) are sold as part of the system, alternative leg lengths are also available, ranging from 2.34m for a typical bungalow up to 6.8m for a two-storey town house.

With a comprehensive range of accessories the Roofline System offers numerous benefits and is perfect for those carrying out regular FSG work.

For more information about either of these products, or to enquire about our many other solutions, get in touch via our online contact form or call our product experts on 01767 691812.

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