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Solution Spotlight: Solar Installation and Maintenance

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Thanks to the Spring Bank Holiday heatwave earlier this year, a new record was set for solar power generation, with solar providing a quarter of the nation’s energy requirements in a single afternoon. Solar produced more electricity than nuclear and coal power combined.

Though the solar industry has suffered in recent years due to political shifts, many are expecting a solar renaissance in the near future with advances in technology. Currently, there are 12.1 gigawatts of solar energy being produced in the UK, the same production capacity as eight new-generation nuclear reactors and enough to power 3.8m homes.

Easi-Dec Access Systems has a range of products and solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of the solar panel industry, aimed at making panel installation safer, faster and easier, as well as facilitating lifting panels safely to roof height.

Easi-Dec Platforms

Our Solar Platform has been specifically designed to make it easy for solar installers to gain safe access up to roof level, and provide a cost effective alternative to hiring in scaffolding for each job. The Solar Platform offers the installer a certified, fully guarded work station, in a matter of minutes.

With the Solar Platform, there is no more waiting around for scaffolding to be installed at a property before you can start work. A single platform can be erected and you can begin work within 10 minutes.

Cost wise, an Easi-Dec platform will pay for itself in less than 16-20 installs when compared to the cost of hiring scaffolding and will last for years.

Solar Bridging Ladder

Alongside the Solar Platform, we also provide the Solar Bridging Ladder, which provides a safe, practical way of working when installing or maintaining solar panel arrays.

The Bridging Ladder provides 23 centimetres of clearance from the roof to the underside of the stile, allowing plenty of space to work, as well as up to 4.6m free span over the roof. To use, the ladder is simply rolled up the roof on its soft rubber wheels and then flipped 90˚ into position over the ridge.

The special roof hook can be fixed to any rung, enabling the ladder to fit many roofs with the excess length flying the ridge.

Solar Access System

Finally, there is the Solar Access System, which is comprised of two telescopic platforms and a catwalk, providing an 8 or 10m long working system. You can add further platforms and catwalks to construct a practically limitless modular system.

The system also includes a rolling window bar, strap operated legs and a purpose designed hoist for lifting solar panels to roof level.

The Solar Access System can be transported in either a transit type van or on a roof rack, and can be installed and ready to start work in under 30 minutes, leaving you able to arrive, install and leave a site, on a strict schedule.

With the solar industry in the UK set for a bright future, Easi-Dec is at the forefront providing the simplest, safest and most effective solutions for solar installation and maintenance.

For more information about our solar solutions, or any of our platforms and products, call our product experts on 01767 691812 or use our online contact form.

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