The opposite of ladder safety

Here at Easi-Dec, we have seen our fair share of idiots on ladders, but sometimes we see things that horrify even us.

The worker in the video below can be seen carrying a steel beam weighing upwards of 50kg on his shoulder as he ascends a ladder which is flexing and bending under the strain.

Not only could this lead to serious injury, or even death, for the worker himself, but it also puts his fellow labourers and perhaps even passersby in danger.

Perhaps the worst part of this video is that it is entirely avoidable. There are numerous solutions to this issue, which don't put anyone's life at risk.

Over a third of all 'fall from height' injuries in the UK in 2017 involved ladders. Whether you are showing off or just cutting corners to get the job done quicker, it's not worth it. 

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