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The Dangers of Solar Installation and Maintenance

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Installing solar panels is not an easy job, and it is definitely not safe; like all work at height it requires serious planning, the right equipment and competent, well trained workers.

The risks are substantial, whatever the length of the work, and high safety standards are essential.

When installing solar panels, you should consider the following:

●     Solar panel installation is not short duration work

●     can the roof structure safely take the weight of the panels as well as equipment and workers?

●     are there any fragile elements in the roof, such as fibre cement sheets, skylights or glazing?

●     how can workers get onto and across the roof and off again?

●     will you be working on one or more sides of the roof?

●     how will materials and tools be taken up and distributed across the roof?

●     have the workers had suitable training and are they competent?

●     how will workers be prevented from falling off the roof?

Edge protection should be provided along the eaves of the roof slope on which the work is being done, and you should take care to protect those below. Falling tools or equipment can cause serious injury or even kill.

The Easi-Dec Solution

At Easi-Dec we have identified a dangerous problem and created an elegant, effective solution. The Solar Access™ Platform has been designed with the help of the solar industry, and creates a much safer, simpler way to install solar panels.

The Solar Access™ Platform is specifically designed to allow safe access up to the roof for solar installation, repair and maintenance, providing a cost effective alternative to hiring scaffolding for each job.

The 2m long platform features adjustable telescopic, strap operated legs with a rolling window bar, as well as a purpose designed hoist for lifting solar panels up to roof level.

Quick and easy to set up without tools, the platform gives the solar installer a fully guarded work platform in a matter of minutes and when disassembled, it can be transported in a transit van or on an estate car.

We also offer a range of modular accessories, so you'll always have the perfect solution, whatever the job.

As well as the Solar Access™ Platform, we also offer the Solar Bridging Ladder, perfect for maintaining solar panel arrays.

The Bridging Ladder provides 23cm clearance from the roof to the underside of the stile, allowing plenty of work space, and up to 4.6m free span over the roof. The ladder is simply rolled up the roof on its soft rubber wheels and then flipped 90˚ into position over the ridge.

The special roof hook can be fixed to any rung, enabling the ladder to fit any roof with the excess length flying the ridge.

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