The dangers of scaffolding in high winds

This photograph was recently sent to a local council by a concerned member of the public who noticed that the scaffolding plank was unsecured and at risk of being dislodged in the current high winds and falling onto pedestrians and traffic below.

This is a serious risk.  When we speak to people about our Easi-Dec access platform we’re often told that putting the platform up “is a lot of bother,” but surely this is nothing compared to the trouble you could find yourself in if you leave your scaffold board untethered.

Maintaining and monitoring scaffold safety is very important but how often do you go back to a property to check that the scaffold hasn’t been tampered with whilst waiting for the scaffolder to dismantle it?  Usually days and even weeks after your job has been completed.

Easi-Dec platforms are a simple solution to this problem as they can be easily transported in your own vehicle, assembled within 30minutes, and taken away with you at the end of each job.

Why not call us to book a free demonstration and see for yourself just how quick and easy an access platform is to use?